Perform At Your Best Workshop

  • 06/01/2018 10:42 AM
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    Many small business owners struggle with one or more of the following issues:

    • Working too many hours for too little money
    • Overwhelmed, stressed or exhausted
    • Lackluster engagement from their employees

    It doesn't have to be this way!

    You can create your ideal business in terms of income, results and time off! All you need to do is make some simple changes.

    The hard part is figuring out what changes to make and then implementing those changes.

    At the Perform at Your Best workshop, you will start to build your ideal business by:

    • Clarifying your business goals in terms of income, time off, and personal satisfaction
    • Identifying and addressing your own internal constraints and blind spots so that you can grow your business quickly
    • Creating a strategic plan so you leave ready to invest your time and energy in the areas that will make the most difference
    • Getting valuable insights and learning best practices to engage and lead your team to deliver greater results

    Participants will leave with their personalized action plan.

    The workshop will be facilitated by Stacie Riffert, a certified business coach who has helped NEO business owners grow their businesses, take time off and live happier, more fulfilled lives.

    To register or for more information, please visit:

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