Got Bellbottoms?

  • 03/07/2018 7:40 AM
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    Grab a Red Key friend and jump aboard the FuN bUs!

    Rockin’ Springtime in the CLE       Circa 1970 Tour 

    As we anxiously await the Spring Flowers let’s take a step back and embrace our lost Flower Child as we visit the best Vintage Shops in the CLE where it’s always the 1970’s (or 60s, or 50s pick your favorite!! Now that we are rockin’ our new bell bottoms why not visit those that did it best? Experience the Power of Rock Exhibit at the one and only Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! The Induction Ceremony will be in the CLE in 2018, get YOUR picture taken out front on the LONG LIVE ROCK letters and enjoy lunch by Cleveland masters Jonathon Sawyer, Rocco Whalen & Michael Symon . Thursday April 19 :30-4:30 Inclusive cost $87pp 

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