What challenges do you face in business?

               Chances are you are not alone...

The Red Key Network is a community of women building strong relationships and businesses in Geauga County.

                   Our Mission                                                         Our Values

                   To empower women by supporting                        Positive

                   them in the business activities in which                 Supportive

                   they are – or aspire to be – engaged.                    Compassionate



No matter where you are in your business career, you have much to gain and contribute to the Red Key Network. We learn from each others’ experiences and support one another in the Red Key Network. We help:

* Foster authentic Relationships
* Empower women for growth
* Support women in the Development of their aspirations

And we do all this through educational programming, mentoring and mutual support. Join the Red

Key Network – a growing organization of dynamic women who live, work or do business in Geauga

County. We share a passion for our community and supporting each other. Visit one of our

meetings or social events and feel the passion for yourself! You, too, will want to be a part of this

wonderful group of women who are building strong relationships and businesses in Geauga County.


            Here’s what some of our members are saying:

“As a new business owner, I joined Red Key Network to seek support and guidance from other local women business associates. What I did not expect was the outpouring of encouragement, advice and creativity that came along with meeting these women. My goal for LOCLE Box was to sell 250 gift boxes in 6 weeks. When finished with the holiday season, I sold, packed, and shipped over 1,000 boxes in large part by using the networking techniques and ideas that I learned from Red Key members. I am excited to share my success story at the next meeting and learn more from this group of amazing women!”  

                     ~ Deby Lexow, Owner, LOCLE Box

 “RKN is the most amazing networking opportunity, support system, mentoring group, and all around wonderful group of women in Geauga County! I have met an assortment of ladies that I have connected with on every level, from strong business leads to personal friendships. I feel that through this group I have fostered a strong base in which to grow my business, as well as my personal network.”   

                     ~ Lynda Nemeth, Destinations Director, Discover My Cleveland

 “Thank you for all of the work that is supported by the Red Key! The group has been instrumental in connecting women business leaders in addressing important issues in Geauga County. For example, members of the Red Key established a partnership with our nonprofit, which has resulted in a positive impact in early literacy through the purchase and donations of books to local children in need. I am continually motivated and inspired by the breadth and depth of the activities and support provided by this network. Thank you for allowing me to participate in it!”

                     ~ Kimm Leininger, Executive Director, United Way Services of Geauga County

 “The personal growth I have experienced in the last few years has been amazing.  I have completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, taken on a leadership role in some of the organizations I am affiliated with, and I feel confident taking my company into the next level of growth.  Much of this is due to the confidence I have gained through the knowledge and encouragement I received at meetings, workshops and working with many of the members. You know you are part of a great woman's organization when the men in the community want to join!”

                     ~ Alice Munn, Owner, Industrial Tapes


You can view our Bylaws by clicking here.

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