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Amanda Neff


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Independent Senior Sales Director
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Amanda is a Cadillac Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She started her business in June 2006 just after graduating from college. Within her first year, she and her team earned their first free car. She has been on the company’s Queen’s Court of Sales 10 times, the Queen’s Court of Sharing 7 times, she was a Double Star Achiever- once, and a Triple Star Achiever- five times. She and her unit have been recognized in the company’s $300,000 Circle of Achievement, $500,000 Circle of Achievement and in the $550,000 Circle of Achievement. She and her unit have earned 7 free cars, including 3 Pink Cadillacs. In Sept, 2016 Amanda received her most favorite award of all when she was voted “Miss Go Give” by her peers. This is awarded to women who best exemplify the Golden Rule and helping others unselfishly. She has a passion for enriching the lives of women through the product which changes complexions and the opportunity which changes lives. She loves helping women to reach their goals and dreams!
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Mary Kay Cosmetics
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Skin Care, Cosmetics, Fragrance/ Complimentary facials and makeovers
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13825 Sperry Rd #4
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PO Box 27

Chardon, Ohio 44024

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